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Eczema Diet – Tips to Improve Dermatitis Problems and Improve Skin Health

May 11th, 2022

An eczema diet can go a long way to improve a dermatitis skin rash because certain foods may create allergies which can cause or aggravate an existing rash. There are foods that can be difficult for both the immune system and digestive process. No one wants to change their eating pattern since food is such a fundamental stress reducer. This is why the phrase comfort foods has a psychological implication. But, part of the fear about adopting an eczema diet is that one will have to be eating foods that have no flavor or even are difficult to tolerate.

First of all, probiotics are in some popular yogurts now and these are quite tasty.These can include bifidus and lactobacillus acidopholus which are live cultures. If the digestion is improved, this may result in less of an allergenic reaction to various foods one consumes. Because sauerkraut contains probiotics, this is also another idea. Many thai restaurants have tasty miso soup and this fermented food also has the probiotic bacteria that aids digestion. If you prefer a capsule, you can find concentrated probiotics in health food stores.

Increasing fruits and vegetables will provide the body with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Bananas for instance are high in potassium. The skin needs to be nourished and is our largest organ of elimination. Making a fruit shake for yourself or your child is a great replacement for ice cream, sugar snacks and junk foods. Common allergies include an intolerance to dairy products, eggs and wheat so try to eliminate these from the diet. Atopic eczema is seen by many experts to be an allergic type of skin rash. By cutting out potential triggers, the inflammation and irritations can be reduced or eliminated.

Essential fatty acids are important nutrients for the skin. Though many kids don’t like fish, they can still get the benefits of omega 3 and omega 6 oils in other foods including walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and salad dressings made with flax seed oil. Most kids like tuna fish and that can be a source for the omega oils. Also making a pesto sauce with walnuts is quite tasty and kids will benefit from the olive oil and basil as well for skin nourishment.

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